Four Breathtaking Adrenaline Rush adventures in Mauritius

Extreme kite sufing activities in Maurritius

Mauritius offers breathtaking recreational activities that would make you have the best experience. Apart from ordinary vacation activities, they are recreation activities and sports that cause adrenaline rush that you can consider and get engaged in to make your vacation fascinating and unforgettable.

Some of the activities that would cause adrenaline sprint are;

 Quad biking

Quad biking allows you to have fun races under strict supervision with experienced staff members to offer secure rides to all rides that are fun-filled experiences. You will have fun making moments by pushing the bikes to the limits to experience the amount of mud splash you can form. Quad biking will offer you the sense of adventure that you crave for as you will have a chance to enjoy the thrill of the wheels coupled with a sense of discovery.

Quad biking on a 4-wheel machine is a breathtaking fun and surprisingly simple. The truth is, no experience is not required as any person above 12 years can ride the bike. The majority of the bikes are automated, and this makes them easy to drive and use. Off-road quard bike rides can at times makes you feel uncomfortable but as continue with your expedition it becomes easy.

Tamarind Waterfalls Hike

You can go on the hiking excursion in the Tamarind Waterfalls and have a fantastic view of the 7 cascades. You will have an adventurous moment as you pass through the tropical forest that will lead you to the deep jungle. After making your way across palm and banana vegetation, you will come across the Tamarind Waterfalls one after the other. Since you will pass through the thick forest, you will panic, become afraid and make a quick move to a safer location.

Sky dive

It entails a person descending to the ground from an aircraft in flight while using the parachute. Sky dive is conducted with a two-parachute system that has a container with a backpack where the fabric is folded into and two parachutes. The work of the main canopy or backup parachute is to work as a spare parachute just in case the main one gets a default. The majority of skydiving systems comes with an installed device that opens the spare parachute in an event the diver is not able to open the parachute unaided. While in the sky, you will be more excited and at the same time feel like your life is coming to an end, due to the adrenaline flight .

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a sporting activity that combines different action sports such as skateboarding, surfing, windsurfing, wake boarding, and snowboarding. Kite boarder harnesses the power of the wind using a vast controllable power kite to be propelled across the water, snow or even land. Kite surfers concentrate on the riding of waves rather than to hit the big air. Kite surfing needs to be done on a place with wave breaks. Surfing on strong waves can increase your adrenaline flow very quickly.

As you think of taking a sky dive, kite surfing or get involved in extraordinary activities that make your adrenaline rush you should make an effort and deal with professionals. The adventure sports and recreational experts will make your experience better and ensure that a high level of safety measures are put in place.

Why Should You Choose Mauritius For Your Next Vacation


Beauty Is Everywhere

One of the top reasons to come to Mauritius is because of the infinite beauty. Everywhere you look like reminds you of a postcard, it reminds you something that looks like the best day of your life, it is these epic views that attracts people and that makes them come back time and time again. It is the thing that all vacation DNA is made of. You think about a beach vacation to an exotic area, you immediately think of this country.

The People Are So Warm

Not only is it geographically beautiful, mountains everywhere, the ocean everywhere, beautiful colors emanating from the sky, but the people of this country are also extremely warm, happy and welcoming. They seem like they truly enjoy life and take one moment at a time. Definitely adding to the culture and the vacation experience you will have. The locals are friendly, they are talkative, they will tell you all about their culture and they will make sure that you have a great time while you’re here. All great reasons to visit this beautiful country and to take it all in. Enjoy your time here.

The Weather Is Perfect

Those of that they even exist here? The weather is nearly perfect every day of the year. Some of the best weather and all of the country is right here. Place that has warm days, perfectly cool nights and distant perfect climate for having a great time. It feels like a little piece of perfection that you would truly enjoy during your stay here. Feelings that come across your body that will never and remember the weather and how good the air breeze from the ocean feels, how good the sun feels as well. Definitely a little piece of perfection.

Heaven On Earth

Famous artist and author, Mark Twain said of this country. “God created Mauritius, then heaven.” This might encapsulate what it feels like to be here more than anything. It does feel like a great vacation, it feels like paradise, it feels like perfection on earth. All the things that people are seeking when they go on their vacation. So if you’re looking for that type of spirits, and this is the country that is perfect for you. A country that has said all, the ocean, mountains, warm cool breezes from the ocean, perfect weather and beautiful sky.

Book Your Trip Now

All of this has to sound perfect to you, you can probably read these words and see the vivid colors of actually being here. You probably feel everything that we are talking about. You know that you have to come in you wish that you could be here right now. Your next move is to book your trip instantly. Do not wait, do not plan, instantly set up things into action so that you will end up here. It really is that simple. So get started now, make sure that you find your way here because it is well worth it.

Three Trending Mauritius Tours in 2018



Its vacation time! After working and dealing with all sorts of people for a whole year, maybe two, you are looking for the perfect destination to just relax and enjoy your vacation. A place with cruise ships, sandy beaches to tan and amazing breathtaking views. Mauritius is that destination for you! With its rich tourist sites, it’s no wonder Mauritius tours are gaining popularity. This trending Mauritius tours will have you longing for another vacationing chance.

Catamaran cruise

Let’s face it, we all dream of going for a cruise at some points in our lives. The catamaran cruise is the true definition of a perfect cruise. Other than the wonderful experience of being on a cruise ship and sipping champagne on the decks while watching the sun set, the catamaran tour has a lot more to offer.
It tours the south west coast of Mauritius and along this route is the Tamarin bay that is famous for its dolphins and the la Preneuse lagoon. This cruise also passes through crystal rock to the beautiful island of Benitiers where tourists can have fun on the sandy beaches and have a tan. Other perks of being in this cruise is swimming breaks, snorkeling and entertaining stories from the crew. It’s no wonder this cruise tour is trending.

Tea Route

The south coast of Mauritius also has the tea route; an exciting trip through the Domain des Aubineaux on to the Bois Cheri and finally to the St Aubin’s house. The Domain des Aubineaux was a colonial mansion with relics dating back the 17th century, now turned museum. It seeks to educate on the importance of tea planting in Mauritius. Its gardens are nothing short of exotic.
The Bois Cheri, the first tea plantation and also the major producer, is the next stop. Here tourists have a taste of various teas while learning Mauritius tea history and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Further along is St Aubin’s house that is home to the rich history of Mauritius and a sense awakening tropical garden.

Speed Boat Tours

Anyone that has had the pleasure of riding a speedboat can tell you it’s a thrilling experience. A speedboat tour to breathtaking locations along Mauritius east coast is even better. The trendy speed boat rides starts at blue-bay, visits through the breathtaking GRSE waterfalls, Ile aux Cerfs Island (Deer Island) and islets that fall on its way like Ile aux Phase and Ile aux flamants. Tourists also enjoy snorkeling with exotic marine creatures, swimming and amazing views.
Vacationing only happens like once a year so it’s important to make it count. Knowing the destination points is one thing, but hiring a tour operator makes the experience worthwhile. With a tour operator like Mauritius Discovery Tours, you don’t have to worry about planning your tours or missing out on some of the beautiful sites. They plan out your vacation to last second so that you can get the most out of your vacation. Book your trendy Mauritius tours for the vacation of a lifetime!